From Lee Sterry

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, however I was waiting for a special occasion to enjoy the burgers and steaks you sent to me some weeks ago.  We sampled the burgers first, matched against some other product and they were indeed very good, however the flavour difference was most noticeable with the ribeye and strip steaks.  Both the steaks were indeed very flavourful and tender (although I did overcook them just a bit…my fault).  A terrific experience made even better by your generous attitude and efforts.  I have repeated our story often and am thankful that we have business people such as yourself who are proud of their Canadian produced products and go out of their way to promote them.

 Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to learn more about a great Canadian initiative.

 Yours truly

Lee Sterry  | On Air Host

From Rich re: KCB Burgers

Hi Kim,

Thank you so much for your help! I cooked them on the grill and they were delicious, I’ll be back for more!


Montreal, Canada

From Chris Etcheverry

Hello. Thank you for the last order of rib-eyes. They were amazing. So amazing, that in fact many of our friends and dinner guests are interested in pursuing a bulk order.

Thank you.
Battleford, Saskatchewan

From Brad Rohrig

I just wanted to write  you and express how happy I am with the brisket that I purchased from you.  I compete in professional BBQ competitions around Ontario and New York State.  This past weekend I cooked using your brisket and I am happy to say that it was by far the best brisket cook I have done in four years.  Not only did I place extremely well with it, I also was deemed Grand Champion of the competition.

 I truly believe that using top quality meat, anyone from a backyard cook to a professional chef, will clearly be able to identify the difference your meat is compared to that of a grocery store.

 Thank you again for everything.

Brad Rohrig

From Kjeryn E. Davis

Just wanted to thank you for the Kobe Beef. It doesn’t matter what the cut beef it is when it comes to your Kobe Beef they are all so tender. It’s the only beef we will serve when looking to impress when entertaining.

Kjeryn E. Davis Consultant

From Chris Kodis

Everyone was in awe of the quality and marbling of the Strip Loin. Its flavor melts in your mouth texture impressed the students and master chefs at Liaison College. We couldn’t believe the flavor it had from just adding sea salt. It was by far the best quality meat that any of us had ever experienced.

Chris Kodis Liaison College

From Executive Chef Christophe Ithurritze

As an Executive Chef of the Sage Restaurant, River Cree Resort and Casino, I am proud to prepare and serve Kobe Classic Beef. We have served the Kobe Classic Sirloin Burgers, Kobe Classic Beef Strip Loin steaks and Kobe Classic Rib Eye steaks with great success. It is a great pleasure to be using this quality of product. The taste is far above any other Beef we have used and the compliments are above all. The reviews have been great, and our clients have been impressed with Kobe Classic Beef quality, especially the marbling and flavor of the Beef.

Christophe Ithurritze
Executive Chef
Sage restaurant at river Cree Casino

From Chef Winlai Wong

We are pleased to use KOBE CLASSIC BEEF at SPICE ROUTE. Their top quality beef is always flavorful with a rich buttery tastes but remains meaty and velvety in texture. The meat is generally considered to be a delicacy, renowned for its flavor, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture. As Kobe Classic Beef refers to cuts of beef from the black cattle raised in strict tradition, which originated in Japan it fits perfectly with the inspiration for Spice Route’s menu.
Our Kobe Classic Beef Carpaccio is a signature appetizer and one of our most popular.

Chef Winlai Wong – Spice Route (Toronto)

From Garry Molitwenik

I enjoy fine cooking so last year I ordered 8 Kobe Classic Beef steaks. I invited one of the top chef’s in
Vernon, BC along with his wife and their head server. The meat was totally amazing. WE have never
eaten beef like that before or to this date. It is so wonderful I am placing another order to so I can have
another special supper in a couple weeks. How I would describe the Kobe Classic Steak – WOW!! It’s just
so EVERYTHING good!! Keep up the good work and product.

Garry Molitwenik
Vernon, BC