Hello. Thank you for the last order of rib-eyes. They were amazing. So amazing, that in fact many of our friends and dinner guests are interested in pursuing a bulk order.

Thank you.
Battleford, Saskatchewan

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  1. By Eldin Flores

    This started out as just an experiment to try out different types of steak. We didn’t really know what to expect when I placed the order for the Kobe. We started with the burgers and they came out amazing. We then moved onto the 5 oz steak which was also amazing. However, the absolute best was the 10oz sirlion! It was honestly out of this world and I think this just ruined all other steaks for me. It was so tender, juicy and the flavour was unreal. I will definitely be ordering again and can safely say this was the Best steak I have every had!

  2. By Ariette Coleman

    I also like rib eye. Originally, it was my dad who really like it. It’s just that he kind of, influenced me with my food choices. :)

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