What does it mean to be “the best”? Is Kobe beef the best beef in the world? In some ways, no one knows, since “the best” judgment is based on personal taste, and as the ancient Romans said, “De gustibus non disputandum est,” or “when it comes to tastes, there are no disputes.” We each have our own, and that’s that.

Nonetheless, there is general consensus that certain areas of the world do have excellent meat far above the rest of the world. Granted, Kobe beef always comes in first, like “The Godfather” for best movies ever. There are runners-up, though.

Except for Japan, the world’s best beef comes from Western countries. South America’s Brazil and Argentina definitely raise excellent beef. The Argentinians consume the second highest amount of beef in the world (after Denmark or Luxemburg, depending  data) and are the third highest exporters of beef, after Brazil and Australia.

The Brazilians use an India-derived cow called the Nelore. The Nelore’s beef contains good amounts of marbling but while maintaining taste. The Argentinians now use mainly European cross-bread breeds for leaner cuts of beef. Both countries follow a mix of grazing and grain feeding with emphasis on organic husbandry, including no unnecessary anti-biotics or hormones.

How could we talk about beef without talking about Texas beef? The traditional Texas Longhorn is so rare that cows sell for tens of thousands of dollars, once even exceeding $100,000. Texas beef is lean and known for its robust taste and full texture. The industry is suffering through the current drought, though, and many heads of cattle dying of dehydration.

Even with all the competitors, Kobe beef comes in first. Compare if you like. Even go on a beef-eating tour of the world. You’ll find out for yourself.

If you are reading this, then we know that you love Kobe beef. Compare your experiences of Kobe beef with other beefs that you’ve eaten. Share your story, even if it’s about the common beef you bought in your supermarket (granted, not a fair competitor for Kobe beef).

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