Kobe beef is just like your dad: manly yet tender. For Father’s Day, most children think of steaks for their dads because steaks are, well, manly. Hearty. Red meat. Full-bodied both in texture and in flavor. Best when just slightly grilled, with that perfect taste of cooked and raw.

Traditional steaks, even high quality Angus beef, always have full-bodied, fill your mouth with flavor taste and feel, even when served rare. Only Kobe beef melts in your mouth. Only Kobe beef offers that perfect mix of red meat and delicate flavor.

OK, we may be taking this metaphor a bit far, but you get the idea. Steaks for Father’s Day are a tradition, but even most of the best steaks still have a “steak-y” feel to them. Only Kobe beef gives that rare mix of full steak favor and a texture that simply, quite literally, melts like butter in your mouth.

Two classic Father’s Day cuts of steak are the rib eye and the sirloin. The rib eye is one of the tenderest cuts of beef. Even in non-Wagyu cows, this cut of steak is highly marbled. With the special fat content of Kobe beef, the rib eye cut of steak simply dissolves. Knives don’t cut it. They simply slide through it.

The sirloin is more flavorful than its neighbor, the tenderloin, but not as tender. Again, with Kobe beef, the fine marbling adds additional flavor to the already rich cut of meat.

A note must be added about grilling Kobe steak. It’s almost an anti-grilling. Less is more. Heat the grill up as hot as it gets, around 800-degrees. Lightly salt and pepper the Kobe steaks and sear. For rare, sear for one minute. For medium, two minutes, a maximum of three.

Kobe beef has unsaturated fat (good fat) that melts at a very low temperature, so too much heat renders the meat tough and dry. A quick searing melts enough of the fat to leave a velvety smoothness to the palette.

One last note on price. It’s Father’s Day. Only one day of the year. For your father. Just think through the invitation. Which sounds better of the two. “I bought some steaks for you, dad.” Or, “I bought some Kobe Beef steaks for you, dad.”  And just to make sure you can offer your beloved Dad the best of the best, here is a 10% discount of any order. Type in code: kobebeefdad when you’re about to checkout. (valid until June 16th, 2012).

What was your dad’s reaction when you grilled some Kobe steaks for him?

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