kobe beef red wine pairingWe’re not stretching the truth when we say Kobe beef is the royalty of red meat. As such, it needs the perfect wine consort, its own Kate Middleton. Beautiful. Slender. Graceful. Dignified. Restrained. Only Cabernet Sauvignon meets the criteria.

Delicate, buttery, velvety, sweet, smooth, all words used to describe well-grilled Kobe beef. General grilling instructions are five minutes each side, tops, on a very hot grill, and then ten minutes rest, leaving the inside very rare. Anything more leaves the meat dull.

Any wine for Kobe beef must match this tender characteristic. The wines made from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape are fruity, mild, and soft, with little acidic or tannic qualities, both of which would overpower the gentle palate of Kobe beef. The Cabernet Sauvignon grape is the principal grape for two world-famous wines: Red Bordeaux and California Cab.

• Red Bordeaux: Probably the most famous wine in the world, Red Bordeaux relies mostly on the Cabernet Sauvignon grape for its mild drinkability. Red Bordeaux come in a wide range of prices, from ten dollars to hundreds per bottle, so you can choose to match the cost of your Kobe beef or balance things out.

• California Cab: Probably the most famous and popular wine in the United States, the California Cab offers the same smoothness of the Red Bordeaux, but at a lower price point, though the prices can reach the higher extremes.

Another grape to consider is the Tempranillo originally from Spain but cultivated around the world now. Young Tempranillo wines are mild, fruity, with somewhat earthy flavors. Be careful to avoid the aged Tempranillo wines that are much stronger and will overpower well-cooked Kobe beef.

Really, you can drink any type of wine you want with Kobe beef. The only rule is that since the properly prepared meat is mild and gentle, you want a wine that complements not dominates. Besides that, good eating and good drinking!

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