How about a little Kobe beef steak with your cheesecake?

When it comes to bachelor parties, we know the tried-and-true, and overused activities. There’s the . . . you know. And the . . . that, too. Then the night ends at . . . those types of places. What about the groom who is not nineteen-years-old and going into the army right after the wedding? What about the man who, to be blunt, simply isn’t the strip club kind of guy?

More and more men are marrying later in life, after they’ve lived real bachelor lives. Going out and drinking with the boys one last time when you’re pushing 30, or even over, isn’t all the risqué. For a groom who is not shaking in his shoes at the thought of losing his single-man freedom, a more mature bachelor party is called for. What’s a bachelor party for such a man look like?

A $50 bottle of scotch, yes, extravagant. A hand-rolled Cuban cigar, exotic (and possibly illegal). A Kobe beef tenderloin . . . both extravagant and exotic. Instead of the giant cake with the stripper inside, imagine a group of best friends, one the groom, the night before his wedding. The bride and her friends go out, too, but the men stay at home and light up the grill. One friend breaks the seal on a great bottle of something, a scotch, a cognac, or a haut-médoc. Another cuts the tips of a Sancho Panza cigar. The third prepares the coals and quick grills Kobe beef tenderloin. (One to two minutes per side for a rate to medium rate doneness.) Sure, there’s a nice side salad and pasta, potato, something like that. But the centerpiece is the Kobe beef steak with the camaraderie of good friends.

Just to make sure the party stays traditional, end the meal with cheesecake, the kind made with cheese.

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