Kobe Beef Marbling TenderloinYou want to take a special person out for a culinary experience. Let’s also say this person loves steak, so you plan on a high end steak house, one that serves Kobe beef. The event can be a graduation, marriage proposal, anniversary, you name it.

Now we’ll do the math on the restaurant visit. The price of Kobe beef starts at around $75 per pound and goes up to $150 depending on the cut. How much do you think that steak will cost at a restaurant where the chef will put the meat on a hot grill, turns it once, and then plate it for you? Double maybe?

You can bring fine dining home with you for a lot less, in fact just for the price of the steak itself. With the ease of preparation of Kobe beef, you can make your home cooking into its own dining experience.

Fine dining begins with the eyes, so the first thing you get at home that you don’t get in a restaurant is a look at the meat before it’s cooked. Some have described the marbling of Kobe beef as a light dusting of snow. The perfect marbling of Kobe beef is beautiful in itself.

After the eyes, great culinary experiences move to the nose. Fire up the barbeque as hot as you can make it. Sear the meat for five minutes on both sides. When you grill at home, you smell the meat cooking, that sweet yet meaty scent that makes your neighbors look over the fence to see what delicacy you’re cooking.

Tent with aluminum foil and rest for ten minutes and then eat. With the low cost of the side dishes (steamed carrots, let’s say), you just cut your experience of culinary delight in half.

As cooking Kobe beef is a simple art, so is eating it. Sear quickly, but chew slowly. The beef literally melts in your mouth like hot butter with a rich, beefy taste.

At first, you might balk at the price of Kobe beef, but look at the value of cooking at home compared to a restaurant and turn a simple barbeque into a fine dining culinary experience.

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