If you like Kobe beef, and we know you do, then you consider yourself a steak connoisseur, and, no doubt, an expert steak chef. Cooking the perfect steak is so easy, yet so hard. Heat the grill, put on the steak, turn, and leave until your desired doneness.

This works for all standard meats, even high-grade Angus beef. Minus extreme over-doneness, it’s difficult to overcook a standard steak. It may end as rare and moist as you want, but it will be edible.

Not so easy with Kobe steaks, though. First, there is no well-done, only rare to a very pink medium rare. With Kobe steaks, the only waiting is for the grill to heat up. Once the heat is on, you’ll be sitting down to soft and moist steaks in a matter of two or three minutes.

The easy, and really only, way to grill Kobe steaks is first, as with standard steaks, let the meat come to room temperature. You’re cooking the steaks, not warming them up.

Second, heat the grill very, very hot. Some recipes will say 600 or more. Only well-built charcoal grills get that hot. Gas grills won’t. Around 500 degrees will do. The real test is to hold your hand palm-down over the heat. If you last a second or less, the grill is hot enough.

Very lightly oil the steaks and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place the steaks over the hottest part of the grill. The reason that you want the grill as hot as possible is so the outside of the steak sears quickly enough so that you can flip the steak without overcooking the inside.

Grill each side for one minute for rare and two to three minutes per side of medium. Any more time on the heat and the meat will end up dry and leathery.

A final important step is to rest the meat. After you remove the meat from the heat, take a sheet of aluminum foil folded down the middle and place it over the steaks like a tent. After five to ten minutes, the steaks will have cooled down and also become moister.

How was your first try at grilling Kobe beef? Did you have an expensive disaster or a sublime experience? What Kobe beef grilling techniques have learned on your own?

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