When you think of Kobe beef, you probably think of steaks. A tender loin cut of some sort. Or a flavorful Rib Eye. Either way, you think of the steak grilled to perfection, just a minute or so on each side, medium rare, at most. You cut into the soft meat and lift the fork of Wagyu steak to your mouth. Pure delight.

But it’s summertime now and steaks are great, for sure, but sometimes you’re in the mood for a more relaxed meal. You’re in the mood for hamburgers with nicely toasted buns, maybe the fixings, some tomato, onion, relish, mustard, ketchup, even coleslaw if you’re from North Carolina.

You ask yourself, can I actually make Kobe beef hamburgers? Is the meat too delicate to be ground up and formed into patties? The answer, we are happy to say, is yes, you can have a good old-fashioned Kobe hamburger. OK, maybe Wagyu beef isn’t old-fashioned, but the hamburger for a summertime cook out is.

Just like with other types of hamburgers, you have the choice of straight salt-and-pepper seasoning or some trendy concoction like blue cheese filled hamburgers. If this is your first time grilling Kobe beef burgers, stay simple.

Form the burgers into patties whatever size you want. Lightly brush olive oil on both sides to avoid sticking and then also lightly salt and pepper the patties. Heat the grill very hot and just like with Kobe beef steaks, grill one to three minutes. Any longer on the heat and the low-melting point fat will drip off and you’ll be left with an expensive, dry, and rubbery piece of meat.

Try a blind taste test. When you grill your Kobe beef hamburgers, also grill some Grade A Angus burgers. Put both on a simple grilled bun with nothing extra added and have someone try both burgers but don’t tell them which is which.

Make sure not to overcook the Kobe beef hamburgers. Just like the steaks, the burgers have to be done to medium-rare at the most. If you overcook the burgers, you won’t have Canadian Kobe Wagyu beef hamburgers. You’ll have Canadian hockey puck hamburgers.

What did you find in your taste test? How was the Kobe beef hamburger superior to the other type? What other recipes did you try?

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