Women love a good Kobe beef steak. We don’t have to re-label it as “Diet Kobe Beef,” invent some tag line like “Kobe Beef. It is for women.”, or change the packaging colors to pink with bright bows. For you or for a gift, a Kobe beef steak or hamburger is perfect.
Why, you might ask? Because both men and women have grown up in their food palettes. Men now eat more salads and women now eat more red meat. It’s not your grandma and grandpa’s kitchen any more.
If you’re thinking of Kobe beef as a gift, you might wonder if the woman in your life would actually enjoy it. Consider these market facts and see if she fits into a potential Kobe beef eater.


Women participate or participated in sports in the greatest number in the past decades. There are the traditional sports for women such as tennis and gymnastics, but other sports like soccer and basketball also have grown. Likewise, the female audience for all sports has increased dramatically in the pa

st few decades, especially in games like American football that aggressively marketed towards women.
Where there’s sport, there’s red meat. If a woman loves to settle in on the couch with a beer (or maybe a Chardonnay) for an afternoon of college football or the NFL, there’s also a pretty likely chance that she’d love a great Kobe beef steak grilled (at one to two minutes per side) between games.


Along with sports, women are active participants in fitness, especially young women. The fitness market is an ever growing market segment, and with fitness comes a focus on diet. The predominant diet regime both for men and women is a low-fat, high-protein diet. Kobe beef gives both.

Of course, as beef, Kobe beef delivers a huge amount of protein, but unlike other types of beef, Kobe beef has unsaturated fat, the good fat that actually helps lower other types of bad fat. (It’s also what gives Kobe beef its buttery taste.) With a Kobe beef steak, a woman athlete or fitness buff gets the protein and good fat that she needs, along with iron that beef has, which all women need.

If you are a woman, when was the first time that you tried Kobe beef? If you bought Kobe beef as a gift for a woman, what was the occasion?

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