kobe beef good fat omega 3 omega 6“Eat more Kobe beef red meat!” You probably won’t find that phrase in most nutrition guides, but it is good for you. Eating this smooth and velvety red meat can actually lower the bad fat in your blood and increase the good fat. Surprisingly, it all has to do with the fat in Kobe beef itself.

Kobe beef is well known for its extreme marbling of fat. In fact, the Japanese grading system for the meat focuses solely on the amount of fat in a rib eye and the overall fat of the entire animal. The more the fat, the higher the grade.

So how can Kobe beef fat be good for you? It’s the type. Kobe beef is high in unsaturated fat. This type of fat has two benefits. First, unsaturated fat has a lower melting point, so when cooked, this fat melts away more quickly than other fat. This is true even for the quick grilling technique for Kobe beef.

Second, studies have shown that unsaturated fat actually lowers overall cholesterol and LDLs and increases HDLs. LDLs (low-density lipoprotein) transports cholesterol through the body, so less LDLs means less cholesterol build up. HDLs (high-density lipoproteins) are associated with lower cholesterol levels in the body. Kobe beef fat both decreases LDLs and increases HDLs, along with the benefit of great taste.

Kobe beef also has high levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Kobe beef’s fat is again good for you. Omega-3 and Omega-6 cannot be produced by the body but must be taken in through diet. Both are essential for good health. Eating Kobe beef gives you these hard to get nutritional elements.

The next time someone questions about eating the high-fat, perfectly-marbled, melting-like-butter-in-your-mouth Kobe beef, school her. Yes, Kobe beef has high levels of fat. In fact, the cows have been bred for high fat content. Tell her that all fat is not created equal. Some is good; some is bad. Kobe beef has the good fat, along with the protein. Oh, and be sure to add, along with the unique taste and texture you only get with perfectly prepared Kobe beef.

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