Kobe Classic Beef featured Camrose in BoosterKobe Classic Beef was recently featured in the Local Experts Answer your Questions section of the The Camrose Booster. Read the article below explaining why using Kobe Classic Beef makes a a burger stand out from the crowd.

Full article text:

What makes your hamburger so different from all the others?

It isn’t just one thing that makes the Doughboy burger stand out from the crowd. There are at least 20 kitchens in Camrose that have a burger on the menu so when you’re trying to create one that gets noticed, it has to make a statement.

Here are some dos and don’ts, based on 35 years of kitchen experience:

- Let the burger sit under a heating lamp, slowly drying out.
- Put the burger in a plastic bag or a Styrofoam box. Serve it
on a real plate, preferably white. No plastic allowed.
- Undercook or overcook the burger. An experienced cook
knows when the burger is just right.
- Serve the burger without knowing what the customer
wants on it.

- Use only Kobe Classic Beef . There’s no beef like it in the world. And
no other restaurant in Camrose uses Kobe Classic Beef.
- Hand-cut the tomatoes, thinly slice the white onions, use
romaine lettuce. Gently toast the bun and put the thick,
sliced pickles on the side.
- Ask customer if they would like crispy fries, homemade rich
mushroom soup or fresh tossed salad with their burger.
Best served with your favorite frosty pint.

Kobe Classic Beef

There’s nothing like it. The flavor, the texture, the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of it puts every other burger in a different class. It may take more than one thing to make a burger stand up and be noticed, but the key ingredient will always be the beef and only at Doughboy’s can you enjoy Kobe Classic Beef.

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