Kobe Classic – Holiday Gift Pack
Kobe Wagyu Beef Barbecue Sirloin Steak


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When you order this combo you will get:

  • Six 10 oz Kobe Classic Beef Strip Loin Steaks

The combo price includes UPS shipping and delivery at your door.

* Orders done on Saturday, Sunday and Monday before 12noon will be shipped on Tuesday
* Orders done on Tuesday before 12noon will be shipped on Wednesday
* Orders done on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before 12noon will be shipped on Monday

Kobe beef has an amazing taste far above any other. With the high marbling levels it stands alone in flavor and texture.

Raised on a special diet with high fiber, comprised of barley, corn product, brewers grains and more as well as being a Hormone free program.

The taste you just have to try!

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